The real world

Stress!! I knew that working for a mega global corporation would be a lot tougher than being a classroom clown… but I don’t think I’ve ever worked somewhere that is so intense. Everyone is very friendly at my company, but also very focused on work and very concerned with deadlines. Today I had to kill a 50-page beast that someone dropped on my desk, and it was perhaps one of the most boring things I have ever read in my life. The document itself was heavy dread, but I still have to admit, I am getting a big kick out of working for such a snazzy company.

However, there are some strange things about my office. Firstly, nobody actually shows up at 8.30 when the office opens. I would say 75% of the people arrive around 9 am, or even later. Today my manager breezed in at 9.25! Then, everyone pushes the 1-hour lunch to an hour and a half, often leaving at 12.30 and coming back at 2 pm. Then to make things worse, everyone works late! This makes no sense to me… what a waste of time! I don’t care what everyone else is doing — I am coming to work on time, taking one hour for lunch, and finishing my work on time so I can get the hell out at 5.30 and get my tail home.

Work aside… I am really glad to see people have been commenting on my blog, especially when I get comments from random strangers! It is nice to know someone out there is enjoying what I write. Unfortunately I may not be able to post for a few days. Tomorrow I have to meet the agent and get ready for the move to the new apartment, because I have to check out of here on Friday morning. Then on the weekend I have to settle in, and get some things for my new home. Hopefully I can filch some internet connection from an unsuspecting neighbour and get connected over the weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Kiran Denniz says:

    Oh you’ll get used to the lunch hours here. Hong Kong lunch breaks are like the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  2. Ila says:

    Oh my goodness it is the same thing here! They take forever and then stay late. I feel guilty when I charge out at 4:31 every day.

    How is everything? Life is good here—no complaints. Will update you when stuff actually happens.

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