Blood, sweat, and beers

I think I have finally settled in to my new place. Home sweet home! Making the move from HK island over to Lantau island was not as bad as I thought it might be. After work I took the MTR back to the hotel, got my suitcases (which weighed a ton), hailed a taxi, got to the ferry pier, got on the boat with a little help from the very nice boatmen, got all my luggage off the boat, got to the apartment, and settled in. However, the workmen had installed a new toilet and apparently didn’t have enough time to clean up the floor, so I spent about three hours cleaning this place up, wiping, dusting, sweeping, and mopping. I must be taking after my mother who wakes up at 5.30 even on a Saturday morning and starts dusting the glass shelves!

Today was not much different, and I still had a lot of work to do. I woke up around 10 am starving like a Somalian and went and had a massive breakfast at The Flying Pan, the 24-hour breakfast place. After buying some groceries and returning, I got back to work on fixing up this place, most importantly trying to move the double bed in the bedroom. This was not an easy task to take on all by myself, even though I am a strong girl! But finally I managed to remove the mattress, turn the bed frame onto its side, and move it from a vertical position to a horizontal position, thus freeing up a lot more space in the room. In the process I gashed myself on a nail, scratched the wall (shh! don’t tell the landlord), had to rescue a terrified lizard who dropped his tail, and by the end of it I was drenched in sweat. But it was done. Finally, I could sit on my patio and relax, and drink a very tasty Dali beer, imported from mainland China. Mmm mmm good.

It really feels great to sit on this patio and know this is finally my new place. From here I can see the beach, the ferry coming and going between HK Island and Lantau, little golf carts zooming around, people playing tennis and swimming at the pools below, people walking their dogs, even hiking up the mountain trails… it is really like living in a resort! Last night I saw the nightly fireworks from nearby Disneyland and it was quite beautiful when the lights of west Kowloon lit up in the distance. It is peaceful here. My only complaint are the bloody internal buses that go up and down non stop, making a hell of a lot of noise. But I must admit, it is a lot quieter here than in the city, that is for sure. So I won’t complain too much.

And thank goodness for unsuspecting wireless connections! What would I do without the internet.

Well, no pictures this time around, sorry to disappoint. Hopefully I’ll have some up soon!

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