Central HK

So far I’ve shown you a lot of pictures of the lovely island that I live on, but today you’re going to get some glances of downtown Hong Kong.

The area called ‘Central’ where I work is in fact not in the centre of Hong Kong island, but sort of closer to the western edge of the north coast. However, Central is the heart of the city, in terms of finance, business and entertainment.

Today when I went out for lunch with a colleague, I snapped a few shots of the scenes. We started our lunch hour by walking to SoHo, a very popular and snazzy area in Central that has endless bars, restaurants, cafes and tapas places. But the most interesting part about SoHo is how you get there — you take the famous Mid-levels Escalator.


Goes down in the morning, and up after 10 am

The escalator is quite interesting because in the morning it flows downhill, connecting the people living higher up in the hills with the downtown offices. However, after rush hour, the escalator changes direction, and heads back up to take people home in the afternoon! It’s very convenient for people who want to walk to work and get home quickly at night too. This is what makes the rent in the Mid-Levels so expensive — easily twice or three times what I am paying on Lantau.


On Queen’s Road, a major shopping area with some very glitzy stores.

The old Police Headquarters

More pictures of the big city coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Central HK

  1. wow to the escalators… its like something out of a futuristic movie! talk about convenience at its best! I think you could have said more about the shopping! mu-haha!

  2. If I had some MONEY I could go shopping but I am holding my breath until pay day! Moving here was NOT cheap!!!!!!

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