This is Hong Kong??

As I’ve mentioned before, Hong Kong is a place that has a very distinct personality. Or, perhaps it is more like a multiple personality disorder. Maybe even bi-polar, with hidden double-lives, dopplegangers, and severe mood wings. Either way, it is something I have come to appreciate about Hong Kong — the very different sides of this funny little special autonomous region which make it a very special and interesting place. I’ve tried to capture some of the different sides of the place to show you the contrasts.

For example, this is Hong Kong:


And this is Hong Kong….


This is Hong Kong….


But this is also Hong Kong…




See what I mean? Is it city or is it country? Is it highrises or it is fishing villages? Is it expats or locals? Is it city, or mountain, or ocean, or market? Is it dirty and stink or squeaky clean? Is it new or old, rich or poor, modern or backwards? Perhaps that is why people are both fascinated and confused by Hong Kong, it is hard to quite put your finger on it, to categorise it, to put it in a box, to figure it out.  But it is definitely one of things I like best about here — just when you think you’ve figured it out you realise there are more sides of the split personality to explore…

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