I can see clearly now

The heat of a Hong Kong summer may bring a fair amount of sweating and brow mopping, but the season also brings new winds which suck smog/fog/nasty-crap-in-the-air away from Hong Kong to reveal perfect blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Since arriving back in the fragrant harbour, the visibility has been amazing. Suddenly distant islands and majestic mountains magically appear after hiding under a blanket of pollution for months. Every day is bright and sunny, the sky is a lovely blue, and the views have become more and more stunning. It almost makes those dreary winter months worth it….

My dad will be visiting later this month and I think he has chosen a good time to come. Although it will be hot, he will get to see Hong Kong at its best and be spared from the ugliness of pollution. I’ve got a lot of plans for his trip and I hope he will enjoy himself here as much as he did in Tokyo.

Although the old man wasn’t too keen on Japanese food, I’m hoping he will enjoy the Hong Kong cuisine. I plan to take him to try a style of Chinese food which I’ve never seen outside of Asia — hot pot. In Japan it’s called ‘nabe’. It’s essentially a big pot of soup bubbling away at the centre of your table, and you order dishes of raw meat and vegetables and dumplings which you cook a little at a time.

Last night we checked out Tack Hsin, a popular hot pot place in Causeway Bay, and decided to be a bit adventurous. There were some things on the menu that I couldn’t even consider stomaching, such as frog, pig skin, cow’s knees (?), beef fat (??) and fish stomach. But we did decide to sample the ostrich meat, which proved to be amazingly tender, soft and delicious. But I am not nearly as brave as my friend Malcolm in Guangzhou who definitely has a lot more culinary balls than I do. I will have to take up his invitation one of these days to hop a train over the border to visit one of China’s most food-obsessed cities.

In the meantime, it’s far too beautiful of a day to spend indoors, so I’m off. I think I’ll pop over to Cheung Chau island which has a nice beach. It may not be a Pigeon Point, but it’ll do…..

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