Liming in Toulouse

My friends whom I just stayed with in London just popped over to Toulouse for the last few days, taking a short break and exploring the Pink City. Mostly we have been walking around, taking pictures, and eating a lot of amazing food and drinking far too much wine. Yesterday in particular was a lovely day, 25’C and wonderful warm weather. We poked about in an antique market and ended up at my favourite market where all the hippies and musicians hang out on a weekend, and where loads of good fresh food is for sale, including whole roasted rabbit, hand made ravioli, and real honeycomb. Oh Toulouse, why does everything have to taste so good here and be so beautiful! It is going to be very hard to leave in a few weeks….

Anyways, here is a little slideshow of this weekend in Toulouse:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does there seem to be some homeless people there?
    I enjoyed the slide show. It does seem pretty “laid-back” and enjoyable place to visit and live.


    1. the_travelling_trini says:

      Yes loads and loads and LOADS of homeless people…. all with dogs and $1 cans of 8.5% beer that probably kills a lot of brain cells… I don’t know why there are so many homeless people in Toulouse!

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