Bums in the park…

And the street… and the sidewalk… and the squares… and the doorsteps… and under the bridges… and outside the supermarkets… bums bums all over the place! I keep wondering, for a town so small (about 400,000 people) in a country so prosperous, why are there so many homeless people in Toulouse?

What happened to ‘no loitering’?

I’m not sure if they’re really homeless, or just unemployed. But from what I’ve observed these few weeks, all have dogs, and unfailingly are sitting around drinking $1 cans of 8.5% beer. I have a bit of a hard time sympathising with these guys. I’ve been to a lot of poor countries in South East Asia and seen some serious poverty — people living in shacks, with no running water, no food, people who can’t afford to send their kids to school. Even in Trinidad the homeless are in a pretty bad state and living on the brink.

French bums, on the other hand, look pretty healthy, many of them are young and strong, and they seem to have enough cash for tattoos, chunky jewellry, cigarettes and dog food. They don’t look like they’re starving. People from all over the Middle East and Africa migrate to France and will do any job to make their lives better… cleaning toilets, working as waitresses, street sweepers, whatever. So at the risk of sounding like a snob, what’s the problem with these guys?


2 thoughts on “Bums in the park…

  1. uggly american says:

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