A Sexy Surprise

I found myself wondering the other day whether Chinese people got their groove on a lot. After all, there are a billion of them, right? Imagine what the population would be if it weren’t for the One Child Policy!

There is obviously one heck of a lot of sex going on around here. But despite this, Hong Kong and the rest of China for that matter doesn’t at first glance seem like an explicitly sexy or sensual place. When you think sexy, you think thongs on the beach in Brazil. You think passionate lovers making out in the streets of Paris. You think of dark, sweaty nights dancing in a Caribbean party, where the beat of the calypso enflamed the passions that no amount of rum could put out. You certainly don’t think of a stressed out, overworked, overcrowded city like Hong Kong!

Yet last night I found a part of the city that has a little area dedicated to the tools of titilation, a section of the Temple Street Night Market with nothing but toys and sexual aids.

“You want nipple tickler?” the vendor asked me. I politely passed, though I was curious how something that looks strangely like a breast pump could be a sexy toy.

They had everything — for men, for women, for both. For pleasure, for pain. Costumes, liquids, DVDs, pills, creams. Etc. I won’t go into too much explicit detail — we’re all adults here. It was sex toys galore.

These things all seemed pretty standard stuff, but then I saw this weird little device. Any guess what the weird fuzzy looking thing in the middle with the red background could be?

Apparently it’s a GOAT EYELASH that a man wears for her pleasure! Eww. So someone killed the goat, then carefully cut away around the eye to get an intact top and bottom eyelash, and people actually let this touch their most private parts? Eww. Double and triple EWW.

Anyway, the part of the market that has all the sex toys is relatively small, but it is a bit unusual to see these things out in the open around here. Who knows, maybe there is a whole hidden side of Hong Kong that as a foreigner and an outsider I will just never see or be aware of. One of the pitfalls of being a stranger in a strange land, I suppose.

So here are some other G-rated pictures of the rest of the night market. And I promise no goats were hurt in the taking of these pictures:

Lots and lots of street food
Get your fortune told at one of the many stalls
Bright lights by Nathan Road

Wondering where to find this area for toy shopping? The Temple Street Night Market runs between Yau Ma Tei and Jordan stations, and the stalls with the sex toys are located right in the middle of the two, along Public Square Street. If you start from Jordan and walk north along Temple Street, you’ll come to a big crossing at Gascoigne Road. Pass the Cantonese singing and the fortune telling. The stalls run along the sidewalk.

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