Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

Within walking distance of my shoebox — I mean, apartment — is the lovely Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. A rare patch of green along the waterfront, where people can actually lie down on the grass and picnic with their families under the shade of the trees. In a place where flat land comes at a premium, mountain hikes are easy to find but parks are scarce, and for some reason many of them are covered in either basketball courts or other similarly concreted areas. So the Sun Yat Sen park is certainly a rare find for people living right downtown.

Entrance to the park, with the statue of Sun Yat Sen in the background
Grass…. real grass!!! That you are actually ALLOWED to sit on!
View of downtown, Sheung Wan district. Yup, it is a whole lotta city.
Ferry from the Macau casinos coming back to HK, with the International Commerce Center (ICC) in the distance on Kowloon side, across Victoria Harbour


It was still pretty damn hot, too hot to sit down in the sun for any period of time, but winter is slowly rolling in and cooling down the place. Sun Yat Sen seems like a pretty good place to sip a cold one in the shade.

2 thoughts on “Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

  1. Wow! How come it’s not crawling with people! I must be getting old, but I just can’t take the jammin’. I don’t know how I will make out the next time I’m in J’ouvay!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are getting some lovely, warm weather. We are now in winter. We think the lynx is back. Found some foot prints in the back yard leading under the rock garden and along side some rabbit prints. Only have a couple inches of snow on the ground. It has blown off the trees.

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