Lion’s Head Provincial Park

In the last few months, whenever we’ve had the time, we drive north to the beautiful, pristine Bruce Peninsula, to hike, camp, and even swim in the warm, shallow waters of Lake Huron.

Autumn is a fabulous time to roam around the Bruce Peninsula, with the autumn colours changing literally every day to the most gorgeous shades of gold, yellow, orange, purple, and red. This time we did some hiking around Lion’s Head Provincial Park, on the east side of the peninsula. The trail is lush and covered with ferns and moss and mushrooms growing almost everywhere. You can feel the moisture seeping into your skin and hair as you walk.


Lion’s Head is famous for its trails which lead you to a really high lookout point, and because the walk is gently sloping it’s not until you are standing at the edge that you realize you’re actually hundreds of feet above sea level – or lake level, if such a thing exists. If you’re scared of heights, this is one hike you do NOT want to do!

lion - 3 (1)

From the top you can really see how clean and clear the waters below are, turning from a bright turquoise to a deep, dark blue at the drop off. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen so far in Canada.

lion - 1 (2)lion - 2 (1)

Planning your own trip? Here’s my travel tip: We parked at the McCuddy Drive Parkette, took the main trail to the Giant’s Cauldron, and continued on the Lion’s Head Pot Hole Side Trail, which led us to the incredible and stomach turning Lion’s Head Lookout. From the lookout we turned around, went back on the same Pot Hole Side Trail, and then took the shorter walk back on the Moore Street Side Trail. 

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  1. Eileen and Gary Sheridan says:

    Such a wonderful time you had. Thanks for sharing.Love, Eileen

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