Kayaking The Arch

One of the most famous sites in Cabo San Lucas is The Arch, an iconic rock formation at the very tip of the peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean hits the Gulf of California.

Many people go see The Arch on a boat trip, but the best way to see it is by kayak, with the awesome tour company Cabo Expeditions. We ended up doing two day trips with them, and can’t recommend them enough. The entire outfit is well organized, professional, and punctual, making your trip hassle free.

The kayak trip to The Arch began at the marina in Cabo town, with a very short boat ride towards the rock formations. Our tour leader Jorge and El Capitan then brought the kayaks off from the roof of the boat, and we started paddling.

Along the way Jorge gave us a brief history of the area, explaining the geography, and telling us that Jacques Cousteau spent a lot of time out here, exploring the Sea of Cortez and its incredible marine life.

Within minutes we encountered lazy sea lions suntanning on a rock, but of course, you don’t want to get too close.

Happiness is a warm rock

One beautiful spot was nicknamed ‘Lover’s Beach’, a small strip of sand pushed up between two rock formations with lovely swimming. Lover’s Beach, which is calm and lovely, connects to another small strip, called ‘Divorce Beach’, which is rough and treacherous, much like marriage hehe!

View of Lover’s Beach

Right around the corner is The Arch itself, and it does get a bit more choppy out here as you’re leaving the protection of the coast. You cannot go through The Arch but you can get pretty close, and take some pictures.

There is also a rocky spit where sea lions like to hang around, and boy do they stink! You can smell them all the way from the kayaks.

No, YOU stink!

On the way back from kayaking, we stopped at a small bay to stretch our legs and splash around, but in February it is still a bit cold, so nobody really wanted to get all the way in the water. I had to do it – I never pass up an opportunity to swim in the sea, even if it is “winter in Mexico”.

Because 18’C is NOT COLD when you’ve come from -21’C

If you want to go kayaking, be sure to go with Cabo Expeditions. Awesome tour operators!

El Capitán with El Pequeño Capitán

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  1. Denyse Chin says:

    Gosh! Amazing travels!

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