Exploring San Jose del Cabo

The old town of San Jose is not too far from the ‘Zona Hotelera’ – Hotel Zone – where we were staying at the Royal Solaris in Cabo San Lucas. Instead of forking out a lot of money for an overpriced taxi, we decided instead to try the local bus transportation, the Urbano.

Getting around on the bus was just fine and just a few pesos. Nothing fancy, but it got us where we needed to go, and it’s a small town, so the ride was only a few minutes. We were usually the only tourists on the bus, but it was easy enough to figure out which bus to take, as the ones going to the hotel zone had a sign at the front stating the destination.

The downtown area of San Jose is quite cute, with some souvenir shops, general stores, restaurants and cafes, plus a town square and, of course, a pretty church. There wasn’t much to do in particular, other than poke around in the shops and see what was for sale, but it was a nice excursion from the hotel.

Also in walking distance from the hotel (about 20 minutes) is the Plaza Artisano, selling most of the same stuff, but I’m not much for souvenirs. Though I do have to admit that sexy bikini t-shirt in the picture above might come in useful in a place like Cabo.

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