Exploring La Crucecita, Huatulco

After a few days of chilling on the beach, eating guac and drinking mojitos, we ventured out to the nearby town of La Crucecita to see some local vibes.

Getting around in Huatulco is very easy, with a surprisingly well organized taxi system and set prices, so you never have to worry about getting ripped off or negotiating with taxi drivers. The signs with the prices were everywhere, so you knew exactly how much the ride would cost and how many pesos you needed. You can take taxis everywhere and you can always find a taxi stand nearby to get back home. There was pretty much no traffic, and it only cost us about $2 to get to La Crucecita in a scenic 15-minute drive. Impressive!

La Crucecita is a small place set around a quaint little town square, with some restaurants and bars, small hotels, souvenir shops, and, of course, a small church.

The church, the Iglesia de Crucecita, is famous for the massive mural on its ceiling of the Virgin of Guadelupe, the largest in the world! It is apparently more than 20 metres long. As you enter the Virgin appears to be ‘upside down’, so you have to walk down the church aisle to really get a closer look at the mural.

Near to the church is the local Mercado or market, which was full to the brim with souvenir shops. If you need to buy some souvenirs, I recommend buying them here instead of at the smaller shops because the prices were much better. Beautiful clothes, t-shirts, pottery, jewellery, carpets, hats, and a whole variety of things to fill up your suitcase with.

By then we were dying of heat, so we visited a nearby beach, Santa Cruz. The water here is not as good as that at Tangolunda bay, largely because of the huge dock which is built to accommodate the cruise ships. Santa Cruz has loads of beach front restaurants with food and cold cervezas, and the swimming was still pretty good.

What really strikes me about Huatulco is how CLEAN everything is. Even Santa Cruz beach, which has a marina, a port and a dock, still had a clean ocean. We never saw any garbage or litter anywhere, and they really take care of their environment.

I can see why Huatulco is proud to tell its tourists that it was awarded the Green Globe International Certification as a sustainable tourist area – only the third place on the planet to get this title. Let’s hope they set an example for other tourist areas about how to preserve their tropical paradise.

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