Hello Covid-19

Well, f*&^%. What else can we say?

Huatulco was a lovely, quiet, relaxing holiday, with sun, sea and spicy Oaxaca food. But the bubble burst even before we left. For days I’d been watching the news, watching the numbers climb on the global coronavirus meter, from hundreds to thousands. The Prime Minister had just gotten on the news, telling Canadians on holiday to get back as soon as possible. Many people cancelled their travel plans altogether. Friends were sending me pictures of empty planes and empty hotels as the reality of coronavirus finally hit.

As we waited in the Huatulco airport, we saw signs being put up about washing hands, monitoring your health, and quarantining. As we sat on the plane, passengers began pulling out wet-wipes and cleaning things down. “Well,” we joked, “At least the plane has never been cleaner.”

Immediately after getting back from Mexico, we are doing our mandatory two-week self quarantine. Coming back from Mexico was a bit nerve-wracking. We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived but all immigration did was ask a few questions and send us on our way.

The two weeks are going by painfully slow. Every day waking up, looking out the window, knowing that everything was closed, that everyone was hiding at home. All we do is take walks and dodge people on the sidewalk when you see them coming. We’ve had to bust out all the old toys and board games to keep boredom away. We can’t see any family until after the two-week period, and even then it will be from a distance. It is a sobering reality after a spring break holiday, and it’s been pretty depressing.

I’m going to try to blog as much as possible, to keep track of what happens, because this could be a historic moment in history, a pandemic that hasn’t been experienced probably since the 1918 Spanish flu.

I’m also going to put my passport away, because it sounds like we won’t be going anywhere for a long time!!

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